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 November Sneak Peek 3

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November Sneak Peek 3 Empty
PostSubject: November Sneak Peek 3   November Sneak Peek 3 EmptyMon Nov 18, 2019 3:54 pm

November Update: Sneak Peek #2
November Sneak Peek 3 MemberLevel8CM Fragment | Saturday, November 16, 2019, 03:00 | 18,144
November Sneak Peek 3 Fcca60f3708e4d10871280663bcdc160_1573783640917_d
Greetings, Agents!
This is CM Fragment of the MARVEL Future Fight team reporting in.
I’ve received reports that deep in the forests of the Congo there is a wild animal capable of wielding firearms.
Since I knew that this could be no ordinary creature, I went to Africa to see for myself.

▣ An intelligent wild animal with a gun?
November Sneak Peek 3 5b50f4ab1a4f46ddb7f2453aac3e8957_1573783731752_d

Arriving at the located where this “wild animal” was last spotted, I only found banana peels and guns scattered all over the place.
What sort of creature is capable of using guns and enjoys eating so many bananas?
More information will be released soon, so stay tuned, Agents!
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November Sneak Peek 3
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