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 Proxima Midnight Teams

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Proxima Midnight Teams Empty
PostSubject: Proxima Midnight Teams   Proxima Midnight Teams EmptyThu Oct 24, 2019 6:36 pm

Proxima Midnight Teams Boss_p11
Proxima Midnight  best to use PHYSICAL type damage although some energy type characters can work with CTP of rage

Recommended DPS
Tier 3
Namor p5 Quick Silver Doctor Strange Deadpool 

sabertooth  Rogue Spiderman 2099 Quick Silver Namor p5


  • Melee Small AOE attack around self
  • Jumps away from you twice, firing 3 hit spread each time; inflicts Shock (15%, 5 Sec.)
  • (after certain HP threshold? 5/6?)
  • Sometimes it's a 4 then 5 hit spread, same shock damage
  • Can gain Frenzy status: All Attack +10%, All Speed +10%, Critical Rate +10% (10 Sec.)
  • Lunges at you and attacks, also 4 projectiles from all sides attack you
  • Once down to 2/3 health, will move to center and gain permanent buffs:

    • Energy Attack +1000
    • Energy Defense +20%

  • Adds another jump attack to lunge
  • Creates energy that moves around the field in short bursts for a short while, can inflict Stun (1 Sec.)
  • 7 Energy lances attack from the sky, leaving damage fields for a short time that deal Shock damage (20% every second in damage field)
  • Frenzy Status now boosts stats +15%
  • Fires single projectile at you then offscreen; multiple projectiles attack from offscreen in lines afterwards

    • Adds effect on 3 Hits; Shock (20%, 5 Sec.)

  • Once down to 1/6 health, will again move to center and gain another 2 buffs:

    • Critical Damage +20%
    • x15% Attack Speed

  • Frenzy Status now boosts stats +50%

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Proxima Midnight Teams
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