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 Rise of the X-Men Story

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Rise of the X-Men Story Empty
PostSubject: Rise of the X-Men Story   Rise of the X-Men Story EmptyFri Oct 25, 2019 12:32 pm

1Hero's Rage[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 StagesWolverine Level 10X-Gene: Magneto x20
2Familiar Enemy[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #1Wolverine Level 15M'kraan Shard x40
3Enemy Territory[DAILY MISSION] Clear 1 StageWolverine Level 20X-Gene: Magneto x20
4Royal Consent[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Homecoming once200,000 Gold300,000 Gold
5Inhuman Alliance[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #2Wolverine 2Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113407 Advancement150 Crystals
6Going Rogue[TRACKING] Clear Going Rogue onceX-Gene: Rogue x10X-Gene: Magneto x20
7First AidRank Up Rogue to 3Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=2015052011340750 EnergyM'kraan Shard x40
8Pursuing Maximus[VILLAIN SIEGE] Clear a stage200,000 GoldX-Gene: Magneto x20
9Endless Pursuit[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 StagesWolverine 1Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113419 Mastery300,000 Gold
10Friends and Enemies[TRACKING] Clear Friends And Enemies once
*Wolverine must be used.
Dimension Debris x200150 Crystals
11Doctoral Research[RESEARCH] Research Regeneration Device #1X-Gene: Beast x10X-Gene: Magneto x20
12Healed BeastRank Up Beast to 3Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113407200,000 GoldM'kraan Shard
13Lost Traces[DIMENSION RIFT] Clear a stage onceNorn Stone of Strength x200X-Gene:
Magneto x20
14Request for Help[RESEARCH] Research Mind Resistance Device #150 EnergyM'kraan Shard x40
15Fly in Style[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 Stages200.000 Gold150 Crystals
16Noises of the Jungle[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Jungle Boogie onceDimension Chest: 6Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113407 ISO-8X-Gene:
Magneto x20
17Audience with the King[TIMELINE BATTLE] Participate 3 timesWolverine Level 25M'kraan Shard x40
18Raging Storm[TRACKING] Clear Weathering The Storm once
*Wolverine must be used.
200,000 GoldX-Gene: Magneto x20
19Nature's Wrath[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 StagesWolverine 3Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113407 Advancement300,000 Gold
20Urgent Rescue[STORY MISSION] Clear 3 StagesWolverine 2Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113419 Mastery150 Crystals
21Ancient Magic[ISO-8] Enhance onceX-Gene: Storm x10X-Gene: Magneto x20
22Hoping for a RecoveryRank Up Storm to 3Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113407200,000 GoldM'kraan Shard x40
23City of the Dead[TRACKING] Clear Weathering The Storm 2 times
*Wolverine must be used.
100 Norn Stone of ChaosX-Gene: Magneto x20
24Book of Reapers[RESEARCH] Research Book of Reapers #1 Wolverine Level 30300,000 Gold
25Dancing Spirits[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear 3 Stages X-Gene: Storm x20150 Crystals
26Self-sacrificeRank Up Storm to 5Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113407 200,000 GoldX-Gene: Magneto x20
27After the Storm[VILLAIN SIEGE] Clear 2 stagesWolverine Level 35M'kraan Shard x40
28The Search of Wakanda[SPECIAL MISSION] Clear Jungle Boogie onceWolverine 4Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113407AdvancementX-Gene: Magneto x20
29Magneto's Revenge[TRACKING] Clear Friends and Enemies 2 times
*Wolverine must be used.
X-Gene: Rogue x20M'Kraan Shard x40
30An Unfavorable SituationRank up Rogue to 5*Rank 1 Black Anti-Matter x200150 Crystals
31An Unexpected Development[RESEARCH] Research Broken Robot Debris #3Wolverine 3Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113419 MasteryMagneto X-Genes x20
32King's Advice[DIMENSION RIFT] Clear 3 stagesWolverine Level. 40300,000 gold
33Stolen Vibranium[TIMELINE BATTLE] Win 3 times200,000 goldX-Gene: Magneto x20
34Semimetal[STORY MISSION] Clear 5 stagesWolverine Level 45M'kraan shard x40
35The Sub-Zero Search[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 timesISO-8 6Rise of the X-Men Story 12?cb=20150520113407 Chest x1150 Crystals
36Blindsided![TRACKING] Clear Blindsided onceX-Gene: Cyclops x10X-Gene: Magneto x20
37Fallen SummersRank up Cyclops to 3*200,000 goldM'kraan shard x40
38The Difficult Search[VILLAIN SIEGE] 2 Successful completionsWolverine 5* Rank UpX-Gene: Magneto x20
39Heading to Attlian[STORY MISSIONS] Clear 5 StagesWolverine 4* Mastery300,000 gold
40Problem Solved[TRACKING] Clear Friends and Enemies 3 times
*Wolverine must be used.
M'kraan shard x200150 Crystals
41Beginning The Research[RESEARCH] Research Mental Resistance #2X-Gene: Beast x20X-Gene: Magneto x20
42Burning Desire For KnowledgeRank up Beast to 5*200,000 goldM'kraan shard x40
43Homeworld[TRACKING] Clear Going Rogue 3 times
*Wolverine must be used.
Wolverine Level 50X-Gene: Magneto x20
44Mansion Mayhem[TRACKING] Clear Weather The Storm 3 times
*Wolverine must be used.
X-Gene: Cyclops x20M'kraan shard x40
45The Road To SchoolRank up Cyclops to 5*Rank 1 BAM x200150 Crystals
46Mental Anguish[RESEARCH] Research Cerebro #1Wolverine level 55X-Gene: Magneto x20
47Final Location[DAILY MISSION] Clear 2 StageDIMENSION CHEST: 6* ISO-8400,000 gold
48Searching for Terrigen[TRACKING] Clear Blindsided! 2 timesWolverine 5* MasteryM'kraan shard x50
49Magneto's Might[VEILED SECRET] Clear Magneto's Might once
*Wolverine must be used.
M'kraan Crystal x100150 Crystals
50Cannot target[RESEARCH] Research Mental Resistance #3Wolverine 6* Rank upM'kraan shard x50
51Grey's Problem[VEILED SECRET] Clear Magneto's Might once
*Wolverine must be used.
Phoenix Feather x100X-Gene: Magneto x20
52Weakened[RESEARCH] Research Regeneration Device #2Wolverine 6* Mastery400,000 gold
53Phoenix Rising[VEILED SECRET] Clear Rise of the Phoenix once
*Wolverine must be used.
Clear Ticket x100M'kraan shard x50
54The Phoenix's Warning[EPIC QUEST] All Stories CompleteWolverine level 60400,000 gold
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Rise of the X-Men Story
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